These are the most strange schools in the world, where studies are done in a different way


20-25 years ago, when we used to study in school, children are taught to sit on the ground and teach. Not only this, in order to sit on the ground in school, children had to take sack or any other cloth for sitting. But now the time has changed. Along with school, children have also become hi-tech. Today we are going to tell you about some such schools in the world which use different methods to teach children. Where children go to study happily. One of these schools is Sudbury School.

Actually, in this school located in America, children make their own time table. Not only this, the children themselves decide on what day they have to study. Apart from this, it is also decided by the children that which methods of education they should adopt and how they want to assess themselves.

The School of Silicon Valley

Let me tell you that The School of Silicon Valley is also in America. This school is completely against the traditional methods of schooling. In this school, high-level technology is used for the education of children. Here children are taught with the help of iPads, 3D modeling and music.

Makoko Floating School

Please tell that this school is in Nigeria. Often, children are unable to go to school due to lack of schools. Or because of being away from school, they leave the studies in between. But this is not the problem in Nigeria. There is a school here that floats on water. In this, 100 children study at a time. This school rests comfortably on the ever-increasing water level of the water and even the inclement weather does not cause any harm to it.

Zhongdong: The Cave School

This school is in China. This school taught about 186 students and taught 8 teachers. Actually, the school was inside a natural cave, which was discovered in the year 1984. Education was given to such children here, who cannot go to school, but in 2011, the Chinese government closed this school. Therefore, no child studies in this school now.

The Carpe Diem School

This school located in Ohio, USA, has about 300 cubicles instead of classrooms, which looks exactly like an office. This school believes that everyone should learn things at their level. If children have any kind of problem, then the instructor comes and helps them immediately. Otherwise, children come here and study by themselves, like students are studying in the library.

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