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Exam the important part of our life, that scares everyone when it comes and at the time of result we only do certain things like pray to the god for getting good marks, and helping the parents in their work for mislead their attention from the result, so here are some funny images of exams results that will give you a smile on your face.

That’s a very genuine feeling in between all of us we are very happy in regular days of school and when exams come our smiling faces get automatically converted into sad one, scary one and you can say full of tension.


This situation at least everyone  faces once in their life and sometimes every time after exams, when you ended up with your exam you are worry about your performance in exams but on another note you feel so relaxed that at least exams ended.

This situation comes when you fully enjoyed during your exams and entertain others also with your sense of humour, and with this you also get good marks so this thing increases your happiness.

We all don’t know that in the last 5- 10 minutes of exams the speed of writing the answers we got comes from where, particularly at that time  speed of our writing might be match the speed of bike or car isn’t.

When you didn’t study for your exams and suddenly you see a topper is setting beside you in the exam hall.

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