These inspiring models have changed the definition of beauty


We are all living in the 21st century and there was a time when one’s beauty was measured only by its color, but now people’s thinking has raised above all this. This is the reason why many people are recovering from their flaws and becoming an example. Today we are going to tell you some such names, who have told everyone the real definition of beauty:Ashely Graham: Ashely Graham is a plus-size supermodel, who is inspiring women around the world with her passionate spirit. She strongly believes in body positivity and often shares pictures on Instagram that highlight her cellulite. Ashlee has made her place on the cover of several magazines such as Vogue, Alley and Harpers Bazaar. She has inspired women around the world to love their bodies and embrace their curves. She often say that to be beautiful you do not have to be a zero figure.Carmen Dell’Orefice: Carmen Dell’Orefic has emerged as an icon in the modeling and fashion industry and is renowned as the oldest model in the world. She is currently 87 years old and is still competing with the best models. She has worked in many famous magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Apart from this, she has also worked as an actress. They are a simple proof that age is just a number.
Winnie Harlow: Winnie Harlow is a model who gained considerable fame from the famous reality show America Next Top Model.  Winnie is suffering from a skin problem, which is called ‘Vitiligo’. In this disease, some parts of the skin fall victim to depigmentation. Winnie has been very upset since childhood due to this skin problem, due to which she had to change many schools but now she has made this problem her confidence. She often makes people aware of vitiligo. Apart from this, she has also appeared in many music videos and magazines. Winnie is among those who have given beauty standards a facelift.
Rain Dove: Rain Dove is an androgynous model and activist. Ryan has modeled both Male and Female. He has stated many times in his interviews that he prefers to be addressed in non-gender pronouns such as ‘they’. Ryan is among those who have inspired non-binary people everywhere and has proved that beauty has nothing to do with gender.
Simone Thompson: Simone Thompson is also known as Slick Woods. Simone is a well-known model who has worked for Marc Jacobs, Moschino and Calvin Klein. She is known for her special features, which include the gap between her teeth and her bald look. Sleek has recently been named one of the faces of Fenty Beauty, Rihanna’s makeup brand. She has inspired many women with her quirky and distinctive features and remains a role model for people everywhere.

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