These Masalas Are The Reason of Spicy and Tasty Food


Spicy food is the most craving thing because Indians eats a lot of spicy food and the spicy food is very tasty there is no doubt for this. These masalas are used for making food this tasty and spicy.

Turmeric (haldee)

It is also used in giving curries a beautiful golden color. It has health benefits and is used in a lot of spice mixes and curries. The flavor of fresh turmeric is slightly stronger than dried, and it stains very easily, so make sure you are careful with your clothes and utensils while using it.

Coriander (Dhaniya)

Coriander is probably the most used spices in the Indian spice rack. It is one of the oldest known spices in the world. The seeds are very aromatic. Whole coriander is used as a base for many spice mixes, and ground coriander is one of the most commonly used ground spices in Indian cuisine.

Cumin (Jeera)

Cumin is used frequently and mixes to add a characteristic smoky note to dishes. It can be identified by its distinct intense fragrance. Cumin is best used freshly ground for the most intense flavor. One thing to keep in mind while dry-roasting this spice is that it burns really easily, and it tastes very bitter if it is burnt and noticeable too in your dish.

Black pepper (Kalee Mirch)

Black pepper is actually native to India, It is a surprisingly hard spice to grow, which is why prices for fresh pepper vary a lot. Like most spices, black pepper needs to be toasted before blending. For the best flavor, however, fresh black pepper can also be ground directly into dishes. Most of us hate this if it is found in our mouth with the biryani or plaav.

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