Things we should keep in mind post Pandemic


We all know how things are right now and how all our life’s have been changed due to this pandemic. Our work life, Students school/college life has changed. It seems the world has stopped but as lockdown is getting unlocked and as some cities are declared corona free. Things have been little better and now it is our duty as a citizen to be more careful and we have to follow the instructions. Government has done a lot for us but it’s not our responsibility to be good citizens.

1- Do not go out much, only go out if it’s really important. Keep your family safe.

2-Carry your masks, they are an essential part of our lives now.

3- Carry your sanitizers and avoid talking to a stranger.

4- All the employees should follow thermal scanning and strict sanitization.

5- In office maintain distance from colleagues and other people.

6-Carry your own water bottle, paper soap always.

7-Carry your things including your charger, earphones and all essential needs so that you don’t have to go in contact with someone.

8-Do not take off your mask from your face at all, always wear masks and talk to another person.

9-You can use your elbows to press the life, door buttons and not your hands.

10- Avoid touching your face with your hand and wash it regularly whenever you will meet anyone.

11- As soon as you are home do put your clothes in the washer and do not interact with anybody before taking a bath. You can also take steam as soon as you return home.


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