This 100-year-old tortoise gave birth to 800 babies to saves its species from extinction


Many species of fauna have gone extinct and there are many species which are on the verge of extinction but in the meantime, a turtle has played an important role in saving its entire species on the verge of extinction. This turtle has given birth to 800 children to save their species. This turtle is currently 100 years old and weighs about 80 kg.

This turtle is named Diego is of the species Chelonoidis hugeness and about 50 years ago, only two male turtles of this species survived and 12 female turtles. These turtles lived in a huge place on the Pacific Ocean in Galapogas Island, causing problems in their population growth.

To protect the species, all turtles were brought to the Santa Cruz Island in Southern California in 1965 under a captive breeding program. Diego was there at the zoo with 12 female turtles.

The captive breeding program initiative worked and the population of this turtle increased to 2000 and Diego played a key role in increasing its number by giving birth to 800 turtles and Diego contributed 40 percent to the increase in independence.

Diego who was instrumental in growing his species for nearly five decades will now retire in March this year and after his retirement, Diego will return to his home Galapogas Island in the Pacific Ocean.

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