This devilish book was written in one night, its secret has not been revealed till date


Devil’s Bible: Every religion has its own book. Whose followers follow the teachings of that religion. There is also a book of Christianity. Which is called the Bible. This book of Christianity is considered holy. But there is also a book in the world which is called the Book of Devils. Whose name is Devils Bible? This is a mysterious book. It is said that this Kisab was written completely in just one night. It is also known as Devil’s Bible with pictures of devils. There are pictures of devils on every page of this book.

This mysterious devilish book is also known as ‘Codex Gigas’. This book is also considered to be the most dangerous book in the world because to date it has not been known who has written it and why. Currently, this book is kept safe in the library of Sweden. Thousands of people reach here to see it. This book also creates curiosity in the mind of human beings, because it has been written not on paper pages but on pages made of leather.

There are a total of 160 pages in this book, which makes it heavy. The weight of this book is said to be around 85 kg. At least two people are required to lift it. The story behind this is prevalent that in the 13th century a monk broke his monastic vows, after which he was sentenced to be picked alive in the wall. To avoid this harsh punishment, he promised to write a book in just one night which would make the monastery forever with all human knowledge.

He was allowed to do this, but it is said that at midnight when he saw that he could not write the whole book alone, he made a special prayer and called the devil. He asked the devil for help to complete the book in exchange for his soul. Satan agreed to this and he wrote the entire book in one night.

However, scientists believe that in ancient times it is impossible to write such a book on leather pages in just one day. If written continuously one by one day and night, it will still take at least 20 years to complete it. However, some researchers have also disproved this argument. He believes that the way the entire book has been written in single handwriting, it is so clear that it would not have been written in 20 or 25 years.


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