This is how Ravi Shastri & Harbhajan supports PM Modi’s appeal to fight against COVID-19


Indian cricket team’s head coach Ravi Shastri and Star Spinner Harbhajan Singh have appealed to the countrymen to support Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the battle against Coronavirus. Addressing the nation on Friday morning, PM Modi appealed to the countrymen to turn off all the lights of their house at nine o’clock on Sunday night and light lamps, candles or mobile flashlights in their doors or balcony for nine minutes. Stand up and show solidarity in India’s war against Corona.

Shastri tweeted, “To show solidarity, I appeal to 130 crore people to show solidarity by lighting a lamp, a candle, a flashlight or a flashlight of mobile for nine minutes at 5 pm on 5 April. Let’s create new energy to fight COVID-19. “

Prime Minister Modi, however, warned the people not to assemble during this time and follow the law of social distance. He said, “We must follow the Laxman Rekha of social distance. This is the only option to break the corona chain. ”

Harbhajan Singh tweeted, “Every human being has to fulfill his share of responsibility at home. We are proud of our team leader Narendra Modi. We still have to stay home and stay safe. On April 5, at 9 o’clock at night, light a candle, lamp, flashlight, mobile flashlight, but only from home. Please do not leave in the streets. “India currently has a 21-day nationwide lockdown to deal with coronaviruses. So far 2301 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in India, while 56 people have died.

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