This is Mukesh Ambani’s most expensive vehicle, know what else is there in the car collection?


Famous industrialist Mukesh Ambani has a collection of many expensive and unique vehicles. His most expensive car is the Rolls Royce Phantom Series VIII (8). This is the Extended Wheel Base version (EWB). Mukesh Ambani has a collection of almost all SUV vehicles. The price of Rolls Royce Phantom Series VIII (8) EWB is being reported at Rs 13.5 crore. This car manufacturer gives its customers the option to choose 44,000 different color cars. Apart from this, the company also offers customers many options of seat material, dashboard material, steering and other accessories.

The special thing is that this excellent car is equipped with a 6.75-liter twin-turbocharged V12 engine. This unmatched engine has the power to generate up to 563bhp. The car has an 8-Speed ​​Satellite-Connected Automatic Transmission System. The specialty of this system is that the information about changing the gear according to the turn coming while driving the car is already known. Despite being a heavy car, this car catches a speed of 0-100 per hour in just 5.4 seconds.

Talking about Mukesh Ambani’s car collection, it is said that he has many expensive cars including his wife. The Ambani family has a stock of expensive vehicles. According to ‘AsiaNet News’, the car in which Nita Ambani drives is Audi’s special edition car ‘Audi A9 Camellian’. This was a special edition of Audi and only a few units were made. This car was sourced from abroad. Although the cost of this car was 90 crores, by coming to India from abroad, its value was 100 crores.

It is said that many expensive cars are parked in Mukesh Ambani and Neeta’s garage. This includes the Mercedes-Benz S Class, Bentley Continental Flying Spur, Rolls Royce Phantom and BMW 7 Series.

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