This is what you should do if you get a sudden cramp or a twist in your leg


Sometimes while walking, jogging, or exercising suddenly our legs twist and some people often neglect this and after some time the pain becomes unbearable but while taking some precautions you can treat it easily at home or can soothe the area.

If the leg suddenly twists, first relax the twisted part or cramped area and try not to put any pressure on that leg.

Instead of applying ice directly to the twisted area, take the ice in a towel or a clean cloth and then apply it on the twisted area.

You can also apply a bandage to the area where the leg is twisted to avoid any sort of discomfort. This will reduce the swelling.

Do not massage around the twisted area.

Do not do any kind of exercise when your leg is twisted.

Do not take a steam bath or put any hot object around it.

Do not consume alcohol if the leg is twisted as it may increase the swelling. It can also take time for your swelling to heal.

You know the difference between a leg twist and a fracture, so don’t try to move the leg if your leg is fractured.

Support the bone with a hard object, such as a stick, and tie it to a piece of cloth until you reach a doctor.

If there is bleeding then first clean the blood with a clean cloth.

Clean the affected area with water.

No ointment should be applied to the affected area.

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