This lady exemplifies women empowerment & now she is among the women who stand in every difficulty


With each passing day, the coronavirus is gaining momentum. In India, its effect is now very much visible. Every day the situation is getting a little worse. However, people from every society, city, and town have come forward and are trying to solve this problem of India. The whole of India is currently in lock-down and all the people are trying their best. Meanwhile, another news has come about Sudha Murthy of donating 100 crores rupees to fight the coronavirus.Infosys Foundation and Sudha Murthy always come forward to help people at such times. This time the same thing has happened. Infosys Foundation has announced that it has announced a donation of 100 crore rupees. Out of this, 50 crores have already been given in PM Cares Fund.The remaining 50 crores will be given to improve India’s hospital services. With this, some part of this amount will be given to cover the cost of hospitalization of COVID-19 patients across the country. This foundation is offering ventilators, testing kits, face masks, protective suits etc. All these donations will be given to healthcare workers who are dealing with Corona. The foundation is also working with several NGOs who are preparing to give hygiene kits to thousands of people.  Sudha Murthy made a statement about it, ‘This is a time when every section of society has to stand up to the challenge. The Infosys Foundation has always supported the nation in difficult times and we will continue to work with the government, NGOs, healthcare institutions to fight this epidemic. All our efforts are on this side so that help can reach those who need it very much. Even if he is a patient who is unable to get treatment, is a healthcare worker, laborer whose area around the house is vulnerable to this epidemic.She has also been the perfect housewife, also the perfect business partner, also the perfect mother and now she is among the women of the country who stand in every difficulty.


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