This Pakistan batsman has been banned from all forms of cricket for three years


Bad news has come to light for Pakistan team batsman Umar Akmal in the midst of the corona epidemic. Taking a tough decision, the Pakistan Cricket Board has decided to impose a three-year ban on Omar Akmal for match-fixing. Akmal has been in controversies many times, he was also accused of hiding information after being approached by the bookies for match-fixing in PSL.

The Pakistan Cricket Board announced the ban after hearing the case of batsman Umar Akmal. During this, the board said, ‘Umar Akmal has been banned for playing all types of cricket for three years. The decision to impose the ban has been given by Fazal A. Miran Chauhan, Chairman (Disciplinary), Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee.

According to the Anti Corruption Code, whenever a player is approached for match-fixing, he has to inform the board immediately but Omar Akmal hid the talk of the bookies from the Pakistan Cricket Board.

The 3-year ban on Omar Akmal has been announced after a hearing by the Disciplinary Committee with the Pakistan Cricket Board. Significantly, Akmal achieved fame after scoring a Test century in the year 2009 but his entire career has been full of controversies. Several times he was accused of fixing, which also led to his ban. In February 2014, Umar Akmal was arrested in Pakistan for breaking traffic signal rules. Omar is also the brother of former Pakistan team wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal.


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