This TV Actress had an acute chest pain not symptoms of coronavirus


Lead Actress of Shubharambh Mahima Makwana was experienced severe chest pain on the set of the show and due to this, she was released from the shoot. The makers of the show also said that she should take rest for some days. Mahima went to a doctor and examined herself and the reports revealed that she had muscular pain around the chest and it would take some days to go away completely.Due to this all the fans, media, and other people thought she is having symptoms of Coronavirus, her phone messages were filled with wishes and people were asking about her health.
So for this, Mahima gave an interview and said, “Day before yesterday, I experienced acute chest pain during the shoot and informed my producers, who released me immediately. Naturally, I panicked because of the excruciating pain around my chest. I am only 21! Soon after I left from the set, I consulted a doctor, who told me that I have pulled a chest muscle. Recovery would take a few weeks, and I have been advised to restrict my body movements and refrain from doing anything strenuous that could lead to rapid breathing.”

She added, “It’s appalling to see how people behave if you complain of being sick. They don’t realise that there are other ailments apart from COVID-19. Not everyone, who is sick, is infected with coronavirus. I understand that we are facing a huge medical crisis, but people need to see beyond COVID-19. As soon as I intimated the unit that I was feeling unwell, many people around me assumed it was coronavirus. Duniya mein aur bhi bimaariyan hain aur woh bhi serious hain. I want to clarify that I have no symptoms of COVID-19, nor have I tested positive for it. It is during these times that we have to be even more compassionate and kind towards each other, but that is what we are lacking the most. We hear of a person falling ill and start alienating them, fearing it is coronavirus. We can’t be so indifferent, inhuman and insensitive. I have been receiving calls and messages asking me whether I have undergone a test for coronavirus. I expect people to be more sensitive and humane during these trying times.”

Mahima is resting at home and is taking off from the show and in the end she said, “As of now, the pain has subsided. Being the protagonist of the show, you tend to take a lot of stress and pressure on yourself, but I will try to avoid that. Of course, the show must go on, but health comes first. I am sure that my unit will take care of me,” she signed off.

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