This woman has the longest legs in the world


Our world is full of amazing and exciting things. There are many people in the world who are known for their amazing things. Like, if someone’s nails are big, someone is the tallest, someone is famous worldwide because of their long hair, but do you know who girl has the longest legs in the world?

Russia’s Ekaterina Lisina holds the world’s record for the longest legged girl. Not only this, two recorded are already recorded in the Guinness book of Ekaterina. 29-year-old Ekaterina is a model by profession. She has also been given the title of World’s Tallest Model. She is 6 feet 9inches. The length of her left leg is 132.8cm and length of right leg is 132.2 cm.

You all will be surprised to know that Ekaterina Lisina belongs to a family in which all are tall. Her brother is 6 feet and 6 inches, father is 6 feet and 5 inches and her mother is 6feet and 1 inch.

Lisina also faces many problems due to her height. She has a lot of difficulty in a car or plane. Apart from this, neither their size pants nor shoes are available. They have to make shoes for themselves separately. She recently played basketball and won a bronze medal for Russia Beijing Olympics playing on behalf of Russia’s national team.

You will also be surprised to know that Ekaterina follows Hinduism. She has converted to Hindu religion a few years ago and became an ardent devotee of Goddess Lakshmi. Since then she stopped eating non-veg and she meditates Laksmi Mata every day.

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