To Reach This Hotel You Would Have To Climb 60 Thousand Stairs 


Today’s lifestyle of people has changed. People are making changes inside themselves over time. The ways of living are changing. Along with this, there have been many changes in the world and hotels. Apart from home, the floor of the people is the hotel.

By the way, there is no shortage of hotels in our world. But there are many hotels that are known for their speciality. Today we are going to tell you about a hotel where going to a place is not free from any danger. For your information, let us know that we are talking about Z Screen Hotel which is located in China.
The most special thing about this hotel is that one has to climb 60 thousand stairs to go to the hotel. But if you cannot climb the stairs, the porter also takes you by sitting in a chair. Also, cable cars are also available for the wanderers.

This Four Star Z Screen Hotel is built on the hills at an altitude of 1830 meters. As soon as you reach the hotel, you will get a wonderful view of the Huangshan Mountain Range. By the way, in this hotel, you get facilities like spa, swimming pool.

But the best view is seen while climbing it. It is the only hotel in the whole world where you climb the stairs at a height of 1830 meters. This hotel is also famous for another thing… Love Couples….

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