Top 4 amazing Jim Carrey Performances in Movies


Jim Carrey with his wonderful performances never failed at bringing that much needed laughter into our lives! This is an appreciation piece for this impossible man whose amazing screen presence and quirky comical timing has only helped easing our lives! Here are the four amazing Jim Carrey movies one should watch in one’s lifetime. 

  1. Bruce Almighty Bruce Nolan complains that God has been treating him loosely, shortly after, God arrives and hands him with powers.
  2. The MaskStanley Ipkiss discovers a mask that is just not any random mask – but a magical one! It gives him insane powers.
  3. Liar Liar Just as the name suggests, a lawyer who is successful but only because he lies too much meets with a sudden unexpected change that turns his life topsy turvy as his son’s wish comes true!
  4. Dumb and DumberTwo imbecile people – who happen to be friends find a suitcase full of money and what they do with it is what the story is about!
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