Top 5 picks from Men’s Section


This season try to get more creative with your style. Instead of picking up straight to the women’s section, why not explore the crazy section of menswear to get more out of our wardrobe. Here are 5 items that you should seriously consider buying from the men’s department every time you shop.

  1. Button-down shirts- There may be many printed shirts in the men’s section. Take your preferred shirt without giving it a second thought. Complete your look by matching it with a long high-waist skirt or you can go with tucked-in look with tight pants.
  2. Cool Caps- If you feel hats and scarves are enhancing your wild spirit look then combine it with free caps from men’s section.
  3. Baggy jackets- Capes are taking over this season. From casual western to ethnic and formal wear they are seen everywhere. You can choose an easy-fitting men’s jacket and pair with your outfit.
  4. Basic t-shirts- Loose clothes are very common in this year. Choose over-sized tee’s and combine it with fancy belts, you can make knots or you can tuck in into your shorts, jeans or skirts. Plain tees will go with every outfit with matching sneakers.
  5. Blazers- If you want to build up a boss lady wardrobe then choose a blazer to complete your look and if you pick it from men’s section then it will give more styling hacks as they blazers come with a longer length than their feminine counterparts, which you can pair with short dresses and pencil skirts. Wear it unbuttoned and with rolled sleeves to give a more beautiful look.

Stop buying everything in the women’s section of your favourite stores and spend some more and serious time shopping in the men’s department.

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