Traveling: Visit these fascinating places of New Zealand, you will be thrilled


If you want to get thrilled in this stressful and runaway lifestyle, then you must visit New Zealand once in your life. Known for its clean and lush green environment, New Zealand is made up of many beautiful landscapes.

Places To Visit In New Zealand— Ranging from vast mountain ranges to magnificent volcanoes, flowing rivers and contemporary museums, to huge caves, Firdaus, lush green rainforests, grasslands and rich thermal fields, a tour can enhance your adventure.

  • Ohopo Tree Church— Ohaopa Tree Church in New Zealand is a place known for its architecture and the natural beauty of trees. Dairy farmer Barry Cox has made this attractive tree church one of the trees in central North Island in Ohapo. Planting countless trees in the iron frame The farmer further added to the beauty of this church. A natural place filled with light and heat, the Catholic Church made of marble looks very attractive.
  • Pelorus Mail Boat— Joining a mail run to deliver the post and supply to individual locals of Pelorus Sound / Te Hoyer is probably the most authentic way to discover Marlborough Sounds. With local Bindi Taylor at the helm, Pelorus Mail Boat gives an intimate view of the remote area and a personal insight into its history.
  • Hokonui Moonshine Museum— Once branded criminals for their famous bootlegging operation, the MacRae family has since become a Southland folk hero. The widow Mary Macher arrived in the Hokonui district from Scotland in 1872 with her seven children and a whiskey and drew on generations of her family, her product quickly becoming renowned for its quality. What is now known as a museum.
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