Troubled by cold then avoid these simple mistakes


The winter season has just started and many people are vulnerable to the common cold. This is the flu season, so every other person will be sneezing and coughing. According to the National Institute of Allergy Infectious Diseases, a common cold lasts for 7 to 10 days but this is not necessary for every case. In such a situation, if after taking all the remedies, medicines, your cold is not going away, then you must be making some mistakes in your daily routine. Know your mistakes from here:

Many people take night’s sleep lightly. Due to our changing and busy lifestyle, a large number of people are unable to sleep properly at night. In such a situation, if your cold is also prolonged and not healing, then give some rest to the body and try to complete your 7-8 hours sleep. As if you want to fight cold, then you need to sleep well.

If you have a cold and cough, then you need to take a balanced diet instead of eating any kind of junk food like chips, chocolate, burger etc. Take full care of your food that you are intaking in the flu. Stay away from sweet things during common cold as these things make the immune system weak and the symptoms of cold increase.

You have to understand that which antibiotics works on those diseases which are caused by bacteria. Common Cold is caused by Viruses, not bacteria. So if there is a problem of cold for more than a week instead of eating medicines on your own contact a doctor immediately as an also be a chest infection or some other disease.

When you have a cold or fever, a lot of water comes out of your body. Therefore it is important to have water to help for removing toxins present in the body. Drinking water also helps in lubricating the mucus present in the nose.

Also, if you are stressed about balancing your work and life, then it is also had an effect on your immune system. When your body is stressed, fatigued, it becomes difficult for you to fight against the common cold virus and hence the cold remains for a long time.


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