Two-headed turtle born in Malaysia, but something magical happned


Nowadays, social media has become a very big platform to reach anything to the public. Where every person is spreading his words easily to the people. Once posted, people continue to viral it.

Due to which that matter spreads like fire. A two-headed turtle was born on the island of Mabul, Malaysia, which was a topic of discussion among the people there. However, he also died a few days after birth. Everyone was surprised to see its appearance. Well, the photo of the turtle was shared by an NGO on Facebook and then it went viral. This photo was revealed on August 28. The NGO wrote on social media citing this “I think we caught his attention in the midst of a lot of busyness.” It is rare compared to other animals.

However, we left it at sea with other animals. David Macken, the conservation manager and marine biologist at the place, said that the two-headed turtle was very attractive. He controlled the next right leg with his right head and the next left leg with his left head.

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