Unbelievable! When Baraat arrives late bride finds another groom for herself


Wedding season has started in such a situation you will get to hear many strange stories, sometimes the bride ran away and sometimes the groom, sometimes the bride sends the baraat back in anger. Many such stories take place nowadays but in Bijnor, the different incident took place.

A similar case has emerged from UP’s Bijnor when the groom arrived late, the bride found another groom for herself. This unique is from Nangaljat village of Bijnor. Actually, the time to reach the baraat was 2 pm and it did not reach the bride’s house till late evening, the bride’s side became very angry with it then the bride refused to marry him.

According to a report, the main reason for reaching Baraat late is being told about the demand of dowry being done by the groom’s side with the procession coming out, dowry was constantly being demanded from the groom’s side. The motorcycle and cash were being demanded by the groom’s family, but the bride-side was unable to give dowry.

On the other hand, the groom’s side says that as soon as he reached the wedding venue, the people of the bride’s started fighting with him. During this time, many people that were in baraat were also held hostage in a room.

Police say that the case is one and a half-month-old, both sides came to us with complaints. During this time, the bride had categorically refused to go to her in-law’s house. After that, we made an agreement between the two sides by mutual agreement. The groom returned with his relatives as she refused to go with them after then bride marries another boy from the village.


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