UP Police Mimic Sound ‘Thain Thain’ To Scare Criminal When Pistol Got Jammed


If there will be any competition about making memes in the world, then I bet India will win this competition, not because Indian people creates maximum memes but Indians give real subject to laugh on them. Last night I was scrolling my social media handles and there were only memes of ‘Thain Thain’, first I got confused because I had no clue about it, but when I searched then it came out hilarious.

Uttar Pradesh police proved that not having a gun is actually not a big deal, you can even give gunshots with mouth also. Three days back, two UP policeman were chasing goons in a Sambhal district which is around 370 kilometers away from Lucknow and they found their guns is not working and it got jammed.

They left with no choice so they mimic the sound of gunshot ‘thain thain’. They started shouting – “maaro, maaro, ghero, ghero, thain, thain”.  This incident happened on 12 October and someone uploaded the video on social media and it went viral. People are laughing on their presence of mind.

Speaking about this incident and mimicking the sound of gunshot, a senior cop said, “this was due to a technical glitch of the weapon that the officer was carrying, such things are not new and may happen at times. With regard to the cop shouting, it is a tact to deal with criminals mentally and create pressure on them to surrender.”

Moving to serious news, one policeman got injured during this encounter and criminal got arrested after being shot. FYI, criminal was a wanted in robbery cases and was carrying an award of Rs. 25 thousand.

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