Video: Doggy watching TV and he did such a thing on seeing Villain


Viral Video: A video of a dog is going viral on social media, whose condition deteriorated due to fear while watching TV. This doggie was watching the movie Star Wars (Golden Retriever Watching Star Wars) on TV. As soon as he saw the villain Darth Vader in the film, he was so scared that he ran away.

In the viral video, it can be seen that Doggie was sitting on the couch and watching the film with fun. During this time, the villain arrives in the film, as soon as Doggie sees the villain, his condition deteriorates due to fear. After this, he gets down from the couch and hides down. This video has been shared by former American basketball player Rex Chapman on his official Twitter account.

After sharing this video, Rex Chapman wrote in the caption, “Good Boy Darth Vader for the first time.” This video has become a big hit on Twitter and is becoming increasingly viral. The video has been viewed by over 4 million people so far. Apart from this, so far this video has received more than 2 lakh likes and more than 2 thousand comments.

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