Exclusive CCTV Footage Of Women Caught Stealing Things And Hiding Them In Their Undergarments

These Women Steal Jewellery, Clothes, Laptops And Hide Them In Their Undergarments! Watch Their Shocking Videos
These Women Steal Goods And Hide Them In Their Undergarments! Watch Their Shocking Videos

For some people, stealing is as a way to fulfil their living daily needs. They steal people’s wallets, snatch chains and other goods. We generally think that only men can do theft and other crimes but women are nowhere behind. From stealing jewellery to clothes in shopping malls and even electronic devices like mobile and laptop, women have been caught stealing various things in CCTV cameras.

They steal so smartly that no one can catch them. When they go to changing rooms, they keep the clothes either in their handbags or wear them under their already worn clothes. They hide little stuff in their blouses and bras and even in their panties.

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