Viral Video: A Dog Came In Rescue Out Of Nowhere and Saved Goal During Football Match


Games are the most interesting thing that require lost of concentration and skill. One single mistake by the player can make the team lose the game. We as the audience can just enjoy the game but only player knows how much it takes to win the game and score high. Several times it happens when we pray for some miracle that makes our favourite team or player win the match. The same miracle recently happened on the ground of football that stunned everyone in the audience and shocked the players.

During a football match of Argentina club something weird happened that made us to believe that miracles do happen. Argentina club goalkeeper definitely was praying for some miracle to save the team and his prayer got answered in the form of a dog.

What? You havem’t heard this news? Go and watch this epic game which is going viral on the internet.  It was the third tier in the tournament of two Argentine clubs, Juventud Unida de Gualeguaychú and Defensores de Belgrano de Villa Ramallo. Juventud’s attempt to extend their 3-0 lead was denied by a happy-go-lucky pupper.

The home team was leading the match with 3 goals and was about to score another one. However, the ball bounced towards the goal and suddenly a dog arrived on the ground out of nowhere and sent it back into the field. And this saved Olivera from further embarrassment and made it him to win the match.

The video of the match went viral on the internet and Netizens are thanking that dog for coming into the game when the team was having crisis.

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