Viral Video: An Alpaca Board in A Cab in Peru, Netizens Are Going Crazy Over This


Cab drivers in India are so much of nakhrawalas. I remember, I booked a cab for me to drop me at railway station with my lots of luggage, because I was shifting back to my home. So that cab driver refused to take luggage in the cab and when I argued with him then he asked me for extra charges. Seriously, it was so annoying because they were all just small bags and not any kind of carton or something. It happens in India always, in fact, cab drivers also deny letting our pets inside the cab. But this is not a scene in Peru.

Isn’t it amazing? Here we fight with cab drivers to take our pets along with them but in Peru, cab drivers welcomes animals like Alpaca to take a ride. Recently, a video went viral on social media in which an elderly is getting into a red cab, following by her pet Alpaca which swiftly moved into that small cab. Surprisingly, cab driver closed the door without complaining about Alpaca and moved.

An Instagram user Andre J Mendivil shared this video on Instagram and it went viral within few minutes. This cute adorable video, set all the Netizens laughing on this polite gesture of cab driver and the way Alpaca entered into the cab. The video has got several likes and comments and shares on social media and people love it.

If you haven’t watched this video then just watch it now given below and have good laugh with your friends.

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