What did school smell like? – Pictures that can actually be smelt!


School – What comes to your mind when you think of it? What is the first and foremost thing? The school building? the classrooms? your classmates? the teachers, the uniform, the books and the bags, the fun and frolic, the pressure built up before exams, the worries regarding not carrying a particular book or being scolded for not doing homework, the time spent in the canteen, the Games Period? Haha!
School, Oh School!

Well, to help you out in remembering and to give you assorted feelings – here are a few pictures that you can probably smell! And all these smells are going to take you back to school. Well, a few of them can make you feel puke-ish, they are so intensely on point.
Let’s begin our ‘nasal memory’ journey:

Crayons: I know you got the smell! You just got it. NOSTALGIAAA

Eraser: Remember these scented erasers we were crazy about? These ones were for show business though. Failed at their jobs of actually erasing.

Lunch Period: The most prominent smell of ketchups and sauces, oil spilling into your bag from the leaking tiffin box containing sabji, a plethora of smells of all kinds – all at once!

Markers: We do remember these markers and their strong smell, don’t we? Also the lasting stains they left on our hands and uniforms!

Modelling Clay: Aah, some of us liked the smell while some of us didn’t. But we all know the smell right?

New books and Copies: This one in particular was my favorite, I sought promotion for this one in particular it seems- to be able to smell new books! Haha. There were also those didn’t like it because of that strong gummy smell.

School bag: Hahaha, this is not for those kids who regularly got their bags cleaned! I was not one of them and the bag emitted a rotting smell. No matter how gross it sounds, I hope some of you can relate?

Computer Labs: Well, if you can crack this one – nothing like it! I don’t know why but schools wanted us to remove our shoes before entering the computer lab. Damn right, with a head count of 40+ students and all of their soiled, stinking socks unleashed inside a small air conditioned room – Is there any oxygen left in the room for breathing? Can one survive?

School Bus: After the school got over, hundreds stuffed into a bus, each bathing in sweat, emanating foul smell – the Ideal sensory experience!

Can you think of more? There are endless!

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