Unprotected Make-Out To Watching Depressing Movies, 9 Things Girls Should Not Do On Periods


Those 5-6 days when we bleed are the worst days of months. From PMS to mood swings and nasty cramps, we girls have to go through miserable pain during this time. Every girl is familiar with the unexpected leaks and plan-destroying timings. Our body becomes very weak during this time and we experience emotional break down quite often. That is why there are few things which we should avoid doing during periods. Take a look!

1. Stay away from dairy products

We are always recommended to consume milk and other dairy products to make our body strong enough to bear all kind of pains but when you are on your periods, you should avoid consuming milk and other dairy products. It’s because it contains arachidonic acid which causes cramps.

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2. Depressing movies? Maybe after your periods!

We all go through PMS and know how nasty mood swings can be. The emotional changes disturb you mental state completely and you feel very low. So, if you watch an emotional or depressing movie during this time, you are likely to experience more emotional breakdowns.

3. You should not wax your body

Estrogen is the hormone that helps our body bear the pain. During the periods, estrogen levels are low which can cause more pain while waxing than other usual days. So, it’s better you wait for 4-5 days to get your body waxed!

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4. You should not stop exercising

It is a fact that your body becomes weak during periods and you should rest as much as you can. But your body does need some light exercises. So avoid ignorance towards the gym and do some less stressful workout.

5. You should not pay extra attention to hygiene

Many women think that period blood is gross and their body needs extra cleaning. But, over cleaning yourself might kill some good bacteria and may also make your uterus wall thin. So you need to calm down!

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6. You should change the sanitary napkin once in every 5-hour

Many women wear the same protection for the whole day during their periods. They need to understand that not changing your sanitary pads might get them prone to infections. And these infections can even cause ovary cancer in a long time.

7. You should not go for unprotected sex

Many women believe that period is the safe time to have unprotected sex. What they don’t know is that period is not birth control. You might be ovulating during your periods, so there can still be some chances of you getting pregnant. So, use proper protection because you can get pregnant during your periods.

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8. You should avoid junk food

When we are on periods, our mood swings make us feel depressed which leads to binge eating and craving for junk food. Even if you can’t resist junk food, you must avoid eating them as it will only increase your cramps. Rather prefer a homemade healthy meal.

9. You should avoid pain killers

Cramps are the worst thing about period but that doesn’t mean you pop on a pain killer every time you feel that the pain is killing you. If it is unbearable, you must take prescribed medicines. Avoid taking any random pain killer on your own as it can stop the bleeding and may cause trouble in getting your next periods.

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