When elephant’s family reaches lions, see what happened in the video of the king of the jungle


It is because of its strength and ability to hunt that the lion is called the king of the jungle. He can attack any animal and hunt it, but sometimes some animals become trouble for the lion. After that either they have to leave the field or run away or they lose their lives. On social media, we got to see a video in which when the family of the elephant reached a family of lions, what did the lions do. You can see this in the video. This video has been shared with a Twitter account called Life and Nature.

After sharing the video, it went viral. In a video of just 12 seconds, you can see a family of lions sitting comfortably under a tree in a forest. There are many lions in this family of lions. Which includes many lions and many children. If a person sees this family of lions together, then his life will surely be in his throat. Then the lions see a family of elephants coming from the front. At first, lions keep watching elephants very comfortably.

Elephants are also seen moving towards lions in great fun. They do not care that the lion can harm them as well. Many children are also included in this herd of elephants. Usually, elephants keep their children in the middle of the herd to protect them from predatory animals so that no hunter can attack them. But in this video, you can see that children are walking freely in the herd of elephants. They do not care at all about this, the family of lions sitting in front can attack them and hunt them.

At first, the lions keep looking at the elephants sitting comfortably, but when they find that the elephants are coming to them without fear, the lions are worried and after that the lions start running away one by one. The lions feel that the family of elephants can crush and kill them. So the lion ran away from there in a while. This video has received 711 views so far. At the same time, 44 likes and six retweets have also been found in this video.

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