10 Solid Reasons Why Women Should Join Indian Armed Forces


    India stands among one of the largest armies in the world. Our armed forces keep our interests safe, our enemies at bay and the people of our country secure and free. For the valour they show on the field and the sense of duty, they are adored and respected by the entire country. But their life is not easy at all. They deal with death on every step yet they keep their courage on the highest level and fight till their last breath for the country. May be this is the reason, women fear to join armed forces. But here, we bring you some convincing reasons why women should join Armed Forces and contribute towards country’s safety.

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    1. There is no disparity in the pay, unlike the private sector

    Women face disparity in pay in private sectors even when they are on the same post and work with equal dedication as of their male colleagues. But in Armed Forces, all the officers of the same rank get the same salary.

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    2. There is equal opportunity for everyone to succeed

    In Armed Forces, every officer gets the equal opportunity to succeed. There is only a single way to rise up the ladder to get success. Everybody has to clear tests at regular intervals. If you have the capability to outshine in those tests, you can reach the highest peak of success. It is the only thing that determines your future; there is no other way out.

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    3. Military nursing service is a great place to work for women

    It is said that women has the more power to heal your wound than man. They can take care of you in the best possible manner. The Military nursing service is a highly reputed branch of the Army and it is the best place to work for women.

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    4. If teaching interests you, Army Education Corps provides many opportunities for women

    If teaching is your passion and you want to dedicate your whole life to teaching, then Indian Army Education Corps has women employees that are involved in training the officers who will, later on, safeguard the nation with their intellect.

    5. Women get equal opportunities to lead and manage massive troops

    Previously the role of women in Indian army was limited to the medical profession, but Armed Forces now provide equal opportunities to women as regular officers in aviation, logistics, law, engineering and executive cadres. They now get equal chance to lead big troops that imbibe a team spirit and leadership values.

    6. It is the only government service where women are assured of pension

    In the previous time, women used to get very less opportunity in the Armed Forces. They used to join the force for a very shorter period of time in which pension and other benefits were unavailable. But in 2010, Delhi High Court granted women permission commission in the Army under which they got added benefits.

    7. You are allowed to continue your studies while serving the Army

    While we are in a service, we are not allowed to continue our studies. But Indian Army allows women to continue their studies while they are serving the army. Army also allows you to take study leaves if you wish to and you have options to opt for various courses.

    8. The respect you get while serving the forces will be priceless

    Indian Armed Forces get the immense respect from the whole country for the valor they show on the field. Being an Armed Force member, the respect you get from the country will be priceless and is indeed incomparable.

    9. Your personal security is completely assured

    On their way to the workplace to their workplace itself, women face many issues. Be it eve-teasing or molestation, they have to deal with various things. But, when you are in Armed Forces, you personal security is completely assured and you don’t get to deal with problems you face in private jobs.

    10. And lastly, there is nothing better than serving you nation

    A soldier never dies because his name gets carved on the great wall of glory of the nation. There is no better job in the world than to serve you nation. You not get an opportunity to safeguard your mother land but also get immense respect that no other job can give you. And most of all, a life lived for the nation is a life worth lived.

    Need other reason ladies? Come forward and dedicate you life in the service of nation.

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