With these hacks, you can easily maintain the freshness of mushrooms for several days


Mushroom is a vegetable that everyone likes to eat, from vegetarian to non-vegetarian and mushrooms are also considered good for health. It is rich in Vitamin B and also contains antioxidants. It can improve the body’s immune level and prevent damage to cells and tissues. Therefore it is advised that everyone should consume it.

However, when people bring mushrooms together and if they are not stored properly, their freshness ends. Even mushroom starts spoiling in a day. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to its storing. If you store fresh mushrooms correctly, they will remain fresh for a week. You can store mushrooms in many ways depending on their type, color, and texture. So let’s know about the right way to store fresh mushrooms-

  • If you have brought the mushroom and are not cooking it now, it is better to leave it in the original packing. Make sure that this packing has a cardboard base so that it will soak up the excess moisturize. For this, wrap it with a plastic wrap on the top. In this way, you can keep the mushrooms in the refrigerator and fresh for three days.
  • Freezing is also a way to store mushrooms, for this you first wash the mushrooms thoroughly. After that, you cut them into the desired shape. After this you sauté them with the help of oil and seasoning, let them cool down. When the mushrooms have cooled down, store them in a plastic zip bag and keep them in the fridge, this way you can use the mushroom for a long time.
  • Another way to store mushrooms is to place the mushrooms in a paper bag. In this way, you can keep the mushrooms in the refrigerator and fresh for seven to ten days. You can also put it with tissue papers in the bag to soak up the excess water. If you are keeping tissue paper in a paper bag, then you should not forget to change it every single day.
  • Never place mushrooms near food that has a strong smell. Actually, mushrooms will absorb its smell and this will also spoil your mushroom test. If you want to store the mushrooms for a week or more, then use the freezing technique to store the mushrooms.


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