Wonder: Valentine’s Day celebrated with husband at night, wife absconded with lover in the morning


Wife absconded with Lover: On 14 February, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as Valentine’s Day. On this day, the couples express their love by giving gifts to each other and making their partner special. On this day, the husband and wife also give gifts and beautiful gifts to the front to make each other happy.

At the same time, on the next day of Valentine’s Day, such an incident came out from Bihar, after which the ground slipped under the husband’s feet. The wife with whom he had celebrated the night of Valentine’s Day, the morning his wife absconded with her lover. Surprisingly, the husband and wife celebrated Valentine’s Day fiercely at night.

The wife of a man from the Mohania police station area of ​​Kaimur escaped with her lover the next morning on Valentine’s Day. When the man’s wife ran away with her lover with his two children, it became a topic of discussion in the area. The husband was deeply shocked by this incident. The husband could not believe that the wife, who had celebrated the valentines with him in the night, escaped with Ashiq as soon as the morning.

According to media reports, the lover with whom the wife absconded is a minor. Both of them were contacted with the wrong number. The two had a four-month phone conversation. After this, they started getting together. The woman said that there was a consensual relationship between the two-three to four times. The boy is said to be a student of class 10.

The most unique thing in this incident was that when the boy came to know that the woman had brought two children with him, he refused to marry the woman. Whereas the woman wanted to be with the minor boy. When there was a debate between the two, the matter reached the police station.

The woman told the police that the boy had called her four months ago. After this, there was talk between the two. The woman said that after this, Laddha called Bhabhua several times and formed a relationship with him. On the other hand, the boy says that he never had any relation with the woman. Regarding the matter, the DSP of Mohania said that both the people have been sent to the Women’s Police Station. Action will be taken on the basis of the type of application the woman will give.


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