WOW! New Zealand Airline is experimenting with an innovative idea to cut down waste


In an effort to encourage sustainable travel, it is an attempt by the airline to eliminate the waste generated by the eight million disposable cups that the carrier generates every year. Customers in the air and on the ground are being served with the leak-proof, sustainable treat that also doubles as a dessert bowl.

Air New Zealand customer experience manager Niki Chave said the cups had been a big hit. “Our current cups are compostable, but the ultimate goal would be to remove these totally from landfills.” A staff member from the airline mentioned that the cups not only retains warmth but the travellers will also be able to eat it once they finish the coffee as they are edible, vanilla flavoured and are leak-proof.

This is isn’t first time Air New Zealand has made to go greener in the skies. In July 2019 the airline announced that condiments such as salads dressing and soy sauce would be served in small reusable bowls instead of individual plastic packets.

This Airline would continue to try edible coffee cups and explore options that could make them a viable long-term product for the airline. Apart from this, the airline is also encouraging customers to bring their own reusable cups in its lounges and onboard aircraft.


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