WOW! This Prime Minister will work as a doctor amid coronavirus pandemic


Corona Virus has spread in the entire world and not only ordinary citizens but politicians, actors, and doctors themselves have also suffered from Corona. In such a situation, everyone is worried about how they will survive from Coronavirus. The Prime Minister of Britain Boris Johnson has himself become Corona Infected. He was shifted to the ICU today, the corona has also created fear in the minds of people in Europe. Ireland is also not untouched by this and now the Prime Minister of Ireland has decided to join the fight with Corona.Prime Minister of Ireland Leo Varadkar will be seen treating the victims himself. Leo Vardkar is a doctor by profession, in such a situation he wants to serve people. To fulfill this purpose, Leo Vardkar himself will be seen playing the role of a doctor again. Not only this, but many members of his family are also working in the health care of the country. Prime Minister Leo Vardkar was a professional doctor before joining politics.
Prime Minister Leo Varadkar had re-registered in the medical register in March. The same month, the coronavirus spread throughout the whole country. 41-year-old Varadkar has decided to work in the country’s Health Service Executive (HSE), which provides information over the phone to people who think they have come in contact with a person infected with the coronavirus.
He wanted to help in this small way, Varadkar has studied medicine and worked as a doctor for seven years. He became the youngest Prime Minister of Ireland in the year 2017. He is the first declared gay prime minister.

He entered at King Edward Memorial Hospital in Mumbai and registered himself as a doctor in 2013. Along with his partner Matthew Barrett, both his sisters and brother-in-law are also working in healthcare. According to the news, Prime Minister Leo Vardkar will give his services in a shift every week and will also continue to lead the country during the crisis of COVID-19.



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