You will be shocked to know these strange prisons in the world


Jail is a place where criminals are kept for breaking a law, punishment for theft, robbery, and other crimes. Some jails are known for good facilities and some are known for their cruelty towards prisoners. Today we are going to tell you about the weird jails of the world, which are known for different reasons.

This prison in the Philippines is no less than a disco. Its name is Cebu Gel, the atmosphere of this prison is such that prisoners never get bored here. Music has been arranged for them here so that they entertained completely. A dancing video of the prisoners here was ranked number five on the list of viral videos by America’s famous Time magazine. This Austrian prison is no less than a five-star hotel. Completely covered with glass, the prison is named ‘Justice Center Leoben’. From the gym to the sports center and private luxurious rooms have been made for the prisoners, from TV to fridge all the necessary things are available. In this prison built in the year 2004, here prisoners live life like a king. Bolivia San Pedro prison is known around the world for a very strange reason. Prisoners in other jails are usually put in any cell (room), but prisoners here have to buy a cell for themselves so that they can live in it. Around 1500 prisoners live here, the atmosphere of this jail looks like the streets of the city, where markets are kept, food stalls are set up. Guernsey, a small island between England and France, has the world’s smallest prison. It is known as ‘SAARC Jail’. This prison, built-in 1856, they can only have two prisoners. Even today, prisoners are sentenced for overnight. However, if the prisoners create more trouble then they are removed from here and sent to other big jails. This jail is also very popular among tourists, a large number of people come here to visit and see this prison.

Spain’s ‘Aranjuez Prison’ is a unique prison in itself, as prisoners here are allowed to live with their families. Cartoons are made on the walls for small children inside cells. Also, there is a school and a playground for them. Actually, the reason behind this is that children can live with their parents and parents can also learn to handle them. There are 32 such cells where prisoners live with their families.

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