You will be surprised to know these different types of Zoos around the world


We all have visited many zoos with many animals like deers, tigers, leopard, peacock etc. But did ever went to a zoo which is completely meant for butterflies? Or a zoo which will let us experience swimming with the sharks? Well, there are many interesting zoos around the world which will amaze you with special things.

Here are few out of the box zoos around the world which one should visit:

The Butterfly Zoo-Florida’s Butterfly World is a must-visit zoo for all the butterfly lovers. It was opened in 1988 and till now it holds the place of world’s largest butterfly zoo. This zoo is specially made to showcase several butterfly species. This zoo is home for 20,000 live butterflies from 80 different species. Apart from 35 butterfly gardens and home present in the USA, this zoo is the biggest of all. Here you get to see hundreds of butterflies together in one place.

Zoo In A Rainforest- Another amazing and interesting zoo is Pana’ewa Rainforest Zoo & Gardens. It is in Hawaii and it is the only zoo which is situated in a rainforest in the USA. This zoo is built in a small area of about 12 acres and has around 80 species of animals.

The best part of this zoo is a White Bengal Tiger named Namaste, who was presented to the zoo by the famous Las Vegas magician Dirk Arthur. The other famous animals which reside in the zoo are Spike: the Giant Anteater, American Alligators: Lilo and Stitch, and two Bengal Tigers: a white tiger named Tzatziki, an orange tiger named Sriracha.

The Biblical Zoo- As the name says this zoo has a collection of animals present in the Hebrew Bible. It is also known as the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. This unique zoo is in Israel. It was made in 1940 and it is a home for 2000 animals, approximately. This zoo also looks after endangered species and conducts different breeding programs for the species to thrive. It has a variety of animals like penguins, lions, giraffes, flamingos and many more. It is well organised and a perfect place to visit with your kids and family.

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