You will be surprised to know this man has developed a Pani Puri ATM


We Indians love to have Golgappa and Pani Puri that mostly everyone has been craving for this street snack during this lockdown. Because people cannot go out to have or street vendors are not there, many people are showing their skills in making their own Pani Puri at home in a hygienic way.

Though, if you live in Banaskantha district of Gujarat then you can still have your favorite Golgappa without worrying about anything. Well, a person from Banaskantha invented a contact-less Pani puri the vending machine for people who love and miss having this yummy snack.

On social media, a video of this vending machine has become a hit and several users have liked this novel idea.

In that video there can be seen a person selecting the price just like a person use to ask the street vendor (bhaiya 20 k pani puri khilana) and then inserting the amount of note into the machine he wants to have of that quantity. A few seconds later the vending machines opens up a flap under the keyboard and the Golgappas comes out on a conveyor belt.

According to the reports, it took almost six months to design this machine known as Auto Pani Puri Centre.

The video was shared by Hardi Singh, Additional Director General of Police (ADGP), Assam Police.

No wonder Pani puri is one of the favourite street snacks that many Indians have missed the most during the lockdown, which has been in effect across the country since 25 March. Many people recreated some of the magic at home just to satisfy the cravings and partly to feel the freedom of being able to walk the streets again.




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