The quality of quality education is poor, lack of teachers has impact on studies, Guruji is distributing knowledge in high school


In order to promote education in the rural areas of Gaya, the Central and State Governments have run many schemes. However, in Mohanpur block due to lack of teachers, the scheme seems to be getting dull. Quality education is being imparted to children in the age group of 6 to 14 under the Right to Education Act. For this, the number of teachers has been declared in 30.1 ratio. However, in Mohanpur block, only 698 teachers are engaged to teach 47135 children in primary schools 90, middle school 76 and high school 22 in 188 schools. In this way, 67.52 students are covered by a teacher, which is not in accordance with the prescribed criteria.

Not only this, out of a total of 698 teachers of the block, 120 have been permanently given the charge of BLO, 13 as the Coordinator and three have been given the responsibility of Block Coordinator. Every school in-charge has no time left from building, mid-day meal, CRC and BRC meeting. Most primary schools have been upgraded to middle school and middle school to high school. Where only Kangji horse is running. Many primary schools and middle schools have only one teacher. Where only unlocking comes in handy. Which has been done in middle school in the advanced high school. There is not a single high school teacher. Middle school teachers are offered high school work everywhere. It proves very difficult to say how children should get quality education in this situation.

What is the guardian say

Parents like Sunil Singh, Shambhunath Singh, Rajkumar Kesari, Akhilesh Kumar, Manoj Bharti etc. say that even though the government has enacted the Right to Education Act, all children in the age group of 6 to 14 will be given quality education. But today’s education is not good. Children are passed out of the class without being read or given an examination by the Department of Education. Today in Corona the school has been closed for 1 year. Nevertheless all the children were passed in a second grade. Whereas children have not been read in that class.

The officer said

Block Education Officer Balmukun Prasad said that many schemes are being run by the government in the field of education. Due to the scheme of dress, mid-day meal scholarship, free book distribution etc. 100% enrollment has been done in the school but quality education is not being given due to absence of teacher.

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