There will be ban on arbitrariness of the fees of private schools in Bihar, the government will rein in the new rules


Bihar is also cautious in view of the increasing risk of coronavirus in the country. On the matter of opening schools, the state education minister said that corona infection is increasing in other states. So now is not the right time to open a school. We will evaluate the circumstances and take appropriate steps in this context.

The Education Minister said that higher education is also our priority. We will review soon and decide in some cases. He said that the drop outs will work on a special plan to bring the children to school.

To curb the arbitrariness of private schools

In response to a question, the Education Minister said that the arbitrariness of fee collection will be controlled. Private schools are important, but they will not be allowed to run arbitrarily. Rules and laws will be discussed to control arbitrary. Earlier, Education Minister Chaudhary reached the secretariat and took charge of the department. During this, Principal Secretary of Education Department Sanjay Kumar and other officers were present.

Education Minister discussed formally with officials

After taking charge as Education Minister, Ashok Chaudhary formally held discussions with officers in his office for about an hour. During the admission of women in colleges, they were asked about various schemes including financial concession. Principal Secretary Sanjay Kumar, Special Secretary Education, all directors and other officers were present in the meeting.

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