UPSC topper Tina Dabi’s Formula on How to Prepare for Prelims in 2 Months

UPSC topper Tina Dabi’s Formula on How to Prepare for Prelims in 2 Months
UPSC topper Tina Dabi’s Formula on How to Prepare for Prelims in 2 Months

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is all set to conduct the Civil Services Prelims (CSAT) on June 18, 2017. The aspirants who are going to appear this exam are making their all efforts to get success in the examination. As the exam date is coming near, the aspirants need to be more focused and make their strategy to crack the exam, but still some are confused and yet not set up their preparation formula. Here, we are sharing the secret formula of preparation for UPSC by Tina Dabi who topped and secured 1st position in UPSC Civil service examination 2015.

Is it possible to prepare for Civil Services Prelims in 60 days?

Yes it is possible! It is challenging but can be done with the hard work. The aspirants need to study and revision for 10 hours a day.

What is the strategy for this?

The aspirants need to follow the point to point time table. Ensure you study all the subjects at least once and also do revise minimum once.

Which subject should study on priority basis to cover the full syllabus?

You need to study Environment, Ecology, Art and Culture, Politics and Economics on priority basis.

Which issues need more focus?

The aspirants need to focus more on the current affairs and what is happening in present. You need to study all details about the current issues.

How to manage subjects? Like 15 days for political science and 15 days for history.

It differ from person to person, as a student of history may take less time to study history but will take more time to study Science and Technology. So it’s completely depends on one’s own interest and priority.

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Which need more focus? Current affairs or traditional subjects? Or both needs equal approach?

Actually, both are necessary, but one should focus more on current affairs.

Any Short cut or tips to save time?

The aspirants need to check the previous year papers after reading a topic. This will definitely help you in practice and understand the questions.

Comprehensive preparation is required for Prelims, while Mains needs intensive preparation, do you agree?

As per the present pattern of the examination, you cannot separate Prelims and Mains. The only difference is, you need to pick the right answer in prelims while you need to give answer with detail information in Mains.

What to solve Mock Test or UPSC Question Paper?

The aspirants need to solve both. Previous year question papers will help you to understand the types of questions and the level of difficulty while mock will help you with current level and practice.

Only one topic or subject in one day or all together?

I will advise to read only one subject or topic in one day because changing the subject may break the link. I use to read only one subject for 2-3 days then only I switch to another topic.

How long current affairs should be covered? From the last prelims or the last mains?

Generally one year old current affairs is asked and the most from the last six months. So this year, look out from January.

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How to make notes? Especially for beginners

Making notes is a difficult task. First underline the all important information while reading a chapter then again read the underline part then as much you remember write on paper.

How to learn a fact, dates in history and CSAT formulas?

I wrote these things in my board room and used to revise it.

How to do revision?

Whatever you read in whole week, revise on Sunday. It will help you in remember things.

When to quit reading new topics?

A week before the examination, stop reading the new topic and focus more on revision.

What is the role of coaching institutes in preparation?

The coaching institutes can help or guide you, but that is not the only way. Many students have also been qualified without coaching.

What to do to stay Motivated? What to do in case of lack of study, depression or tiredness?

Its quit natural, you will be discouraged at some time. You can go out with your friends or watch a movie at that time. Always keep one thing in your mind that, your happiness is everything. Start with the same time table next day and cover the left part within 2-3 days. Keep yourself motivated and positive.

List of Books:

Polity: Laxmikant

History- 12th Old NCERT, Bipin Chandra

Economics – Current Affairs, Economic Survey, Budget and with a book about monetary policy and fiscal policy in easy language.

Science and Technology – Prepare with Current Affairs

Art and Culture – 11th and 12th NCERT

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