Youth want to be Self-employed, rather than joining jobs – MTV study

Youth want to be Self-employed, rather than joining jobs – MTV study
Youth want to be Self-employed, rather than joining jobs – MTV study

A latest study conducted by MTV, today’s Indian youth give preference more to self-employment, start-ups and desire for balanced work and life. As per this study of MTV Many Me Project, 81 percent of the participants have preferred to be self-employed rather than doing a job. In the year 2014, this study only showed 67% of the participators who voted out for self-employed.

This study was taken by MTV in which 11,000 youth in 13-25 years of age-group of 50 major Indian cities have participated. The channel mixed both quantitative and qualitative methods in this study. Ferzad Palia, head of Viacom 18 has explained the study stating that “This project of MTV is focused to look into the ever changing and dynamic youth of the country”. He said “The headline of what has emerged is that today young people are fascinatingly multi-dimensional and multi-faceted. For them, being multi-tasking isn’t enough, they want to be multi-achievers”.

In this study 87% of the youth have said they were proud to be Indian and out of them 86% have voted for job satisfaction instead of being rich. According to them success was not measured by money but creating a name for oneself is. This study proves that today’s youth is ambitious and mindful but they are not impatient.

As per Shiv Vishwanathan, a sociologist, start-ups are becoming a new-identity of this generation, which is much opposite then the thought of old generation, where they want to work in public sector for seeking permanence and seniority.

Group Chief Executive of Viacom 18 Media, Sudhanshu Vats have shared his view in this behalf saying that today youth is inspired by people like Mark Zuckerberg and Bansal, founder of Flipkart. They want to be their own boss and not want to work under someone.

Seeing the present scenario of India, the country is facing a major challenge for creating jobs for a growing population over the next 35 years. Country’s economy could absorb less than half the new entries in the labour market in between 1991 to 2013, said reports of Pacific Human Development.

According to the reports issued by the United Nations Development Programme, between 1991 and 2013 the size of the ‘working age’ population has increase with 300 million, but Indian economy could only employee 140 millions out of them. The reports also expecting that around 280 million new start-ups will enter the job market in country by 2050.

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